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Of all the CBD products on the market today, we prefer hash. We have seen the evolution of CBD hash over the last two years and we can confirm that it is not at all the same as it was in the beginning. Two years ago, you would buy CBD hash that was very hard and particularly difficult to crumble, or you would get powder that looked vaguely like pollen. The aroma of these hashes was also very disappointing. You had cases of hash that had absolutely no aroma, or on the contrary, they were so covered with terpenes that the smell became chemical. Customer reviews of CBD web shops in 2020 confirm this. Fortunately, things have changed a lot since then. The flavours have improved dramatically even if they don’t always match the original THC. It’s the texture that has the most similarities. Today, when you crush a black afghan or a Ketama CBD, you really feel like you are holding the originals in your hands. Even if the improvement of CBD hash is global, there are still differences in quality between online shops. We have analysed and evaluated some of these online shops to determine which ones are the best. We try to be objective in our analysis to give you the strengths and weaknesses of each CBD shop. News on the best sites that sell CBD hash can also be found on They keep themselves informed of new developments to share them with Internet users. We are therefore in connection with this site to exchange information about online CBD hash sellers.


Once again, wins our vote for CBD hash. We have already told you about the presentation of the site with large images. It is certainly in the CBD hash category that we appreciate the images the most, as they give us the impression of being in front of real pieces of hash. But that’s not the only thing that makes the difference with other shops. You have a video presentation in almost every product sheet. You can actually see what the product you want to buy looks like. The piece of CBD hash is not only shown in close-up to the camera, but it is also handled in such a way that you can appreciate its malleability and inner colour. You can feel that makes a great effort to give the customer an exact idea of the product’s characteristics. This is even better than when buying in a physical shop. This is not the only reason why we consider to be the best online CBD hash shop. They have all the best hash in the world in their catalogue: Black Afghan, Nepalese, Super Pollen or Red Lebanese. And all these CBD hash have a clear resemblance to the originals. When you find yourself in front of their page, you have an irresistible urge to try them all. The philosophy of this online shop is not to use terpenes to enhance the flavour of their hash. Despite this, they will leave you with an enticing little taste in your mouth and a characteristic aroma of each hash will spread through the room after burning. The price for these products is average and we can confirm that this is cheap CBD hash based on quality. We contacted to find out if more hash would be added regularly to the catalogue. The shop replied that it depends on its wholesalers. They do taste tests on new products that are released by their suppliers. If the hash is not rated as “very good” then does not include it in its catalogue. And even if the product is excellent, the price must remain affordable because the shop’s policy is to offer the best value for money.


This is a site that had to appear in our hash category. It offers the most diverse range of CBD resins and pollens of any online shop we’ve tested on the internet. We like it when a shop offers a very wide range of products to its customers. And there is no doubt that this is the case with 420greenroad. With such a wide range of CBD hash, the customer is guaranteed to get very different textures, colours and flavours. Their range of hash includes, for example, Gold Moroccan (yellow/green pollen), King Hassan (brown pollen), Red Libanon (brown/red resin) or Temple Balls (black resin ball). In all, there are 22 CBD hashes for sale in their catalogue. The other strong point of this online shop is that new products are regularly added to their hash list. This is rare compared to other shops that usually don’t change their card much. The downside is that 420greenroad also removes hash from their catalogue. We’ve bought a hash we liked and found it missing from their list a few months later. It’s quite frustrating but there must be good business reasons for the site to remove them from the sale. The products we bought looked pretty much like the images on the site (although there were some small differences for some hashes). Sometimes the products are very different from the images but this is not the case with 420greenroad CBD hash. Despite all the strengths of this site in this category, there are still some negative aspects. The aroma and taste are not always present enough when burning these hashes. It is sometimes quite tasteless especially for the taste but at least you can be sure that they don’t use terpenes to enhance the flavour. The other thing that can put the customer off is the price of these products which is particularly high. They are mostly above 7 euros. There is also one last thing that leaves us in doubt. This is the particularly high CBD content that is advertised for some of the hash that we didn’t feel was any stronger or more relaxing than other products with much lower levels.


This was the very first online shop we tested for CBD hash because the prices were very attractive. It must be said that in 2020, there were not many competitors in this field. And the shops were charging exorbitant prices for hash of very poor quality. We placed several orders at different times on Justbob in order to test a few varieties. The result is that we don’t understand how an online shop of this size can have such poor quality hash. The first one was Charas which had a rather chemical smell despite a decent fatty texture. The second one was removed from their catalogue, and rightly so. It came in powder form and looked like dirt. We tasted it once and then threw away the 5 grams we had ordered. The third is still in their catalogue and is called Bourbouka. It has the texture of pollen but is a CBD hash with no appeal as it has almost no taste or smell. There were also almost no effects after consuming it.  We call it a worthless hash. We visited their site again just before writing this review. We are very surprised by the CBD levels displayed for the hash. The Charas rate is <35% and the Bourbouka rate is <30% whereas in March 2021 they were <16% and <14% respectively. Are the rates falsely inflated or have they been improved, this is a very interesting question to which we have no answer. We no longer buy CBD hash from Justbob as there is too little choice and the quality has disappointed us on several points (texture, flavour, effects). On the other hand, their prices are extremely low which can be interesting for people with a small budget or those who want to test several varieties.


First of all, it is necessary to clarify the online shop that we are going to present to you. It is cbdpascher (without “e” at the end) and not cbdpaschere which are two different sites that do not have the same reputation. This online shop has some very positive points as well as others that we didn’t like at all. For example, we don’t like the hash presentation page. There is very little effort made on the visuals which does not make you want to buy these products. We also don’t like the variety of hash in the catalogue of this shop. Some products have names that sound more like flowers than resins (Amnesia, Big Cheese, Lemon Haze). We think that this online shop is much more proficient with flowers than with CBD hash, but this is certainly a marketing strategy. Among the products we tested was Lebanese hash. We were very disappointed with the appearance of this hash as it did not look anything like a real Lebanese hash. The hash we received was a brown pollen that could have been similar to a King Hassan or a Ketama whereas the Lebanese is a resin. We like it when we buy a CBD hash that it looks and feels like the original THC. However, this hash was of very good quality in all respects as we also love pollen. The texture was not powdery but still allowed for easy crumbling. This CBD hash had one of the best aromas and flavours we have tested so far. The last positive point of the cbdpascher online shop is the price of its hash. The prices are in the low end of the market which is good news for customers.