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CBD flowers are one of the most popular products in online shops. There are hundreds of different types. Some of these flowers have well-known names in the cannabis world while others are less famous but have interesting characteristics for the consumer. CBD flowers can be classified into 3 main growing categories: indoor, greenhouse and outdoor. In general, flowers that have been grown outdoors are the best and most expensive. All CBD online shops list their flowers according to these growing criteria. Unfortunately, CBD flower does not have the same aromatic power as its THC cousin. Growers are forced to use certain techniques to get the THC below the legal 0.3%. These techniques, such as washing, cause the flower to lose much of its aroma. This is why some online shops decide to use terpenes to enrich their CBD flowers with flavour. This technique is not natural and gives a different taste to the flower than the original one. The current trend is to have flowers with fruity flavours (orange, strawberry, tangerine, watermelon) even if the flavour is sometimes difficult to discern. We like it when online shops display the aromas and flavours of their products. This is an important criterion in our evaluations. If you go to the Tiendas-cbd site, you will get the impression that you have the same type of information that we provide here. This is completely normal because we are partners in this constant search for the best CBD flower shops. We often talk about this together.


This Spanish online shop has a very attractive CBD flower menu. The products are well presented on the website which makes it easy to select and purchase. However, the images of the flowers are too small and blurred to have a precise visual of the product. The purchase is therefore based on the name and characteristics of the flower instead of a choice on the appearance of the product. On the plus side, you get a summary of the laboratory analysis with the exact level of CBD, THC, CBC, CBG and CBN. The price range is very wide with some very cheap flowers and others much more expensive. If you want to treat yourself to indoor grown products, you will have to pay between 5 and 7.5 euros. We like the fact that this online shop offers packs with different varieties. There are few sites that have this option. We tasted about half of the flowers on their menu. We were not charmed by the aroma and flavour, which were too weak. And the cheaper flowers really tasted like hay.


We have praised the online shop on several occasions. Although the catalogue of CBD flowers on this site is very decent, it is clear that this is not its strongest point either. As we have already mentioned, the presentation of the products is remarkable. On the other hand, we find that the catalogue of lacks a bit of flowers. We counted 14 varieties plus the Moonrock and Icerock, and in our opinion this is not enough. The price range of cheap CBD flowers is quite small compared to other shops. The prices range from 2.40 euros for the cheapest to 7.20 euros for the excellent Fruit Berry. The quality varies according to the type of flower. Indeed, some of these flowers seemed to us rather dry and insipid while others left a good taste in the mouth. Some of the CBD flowers in this shop are among our favourites. We always keep one in the living room drawer for relaxation at the end of the day.


This shop has a huge collection of CBD flowers. It’s impressive to see the variety. We love it when there’s a lot of choice, and this is what we get. On the other hand, it’s a mess! The flowers are placed in a jumble and it’s difficult to make a choice in this mess. In addition, many of these flowers are no longer in stock, but the range is still very wide. This huge variety offers a pleasant choice for the customer who will find all the flavours of the market. The prices are also very interesting, which allows the customer to buy and test more varieties.


They advertise themselves as the number one CBD site in France but that distinction is rather questionable. They have a CBD flower menu with a good variety of products. The presentation is nice but the flowers are not visible enough for the customer. The products are particularly well packaged with “Decoy” bags that carry the name and CBD content of the flowers. This is the best packaging we have seen with the Supercogollo shop. The price of the flowers from this site should be much lower as it has a high volume of sales. This online shop keeps a much higher margin than the other sites presented on this page.