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At present, there are hundreds of online shops offering CBD products. However, they do not all have the same products and prices can vary greatly. The consumer is faced with a mass of sites and tends to click on the first one that comes up in the search results. This is where the consumer makes a mistake because the first place in the search results is not a guarantee of the quality of the products or services. There are some excellent shops that are very far down the results and are hardly ever visited. We have therefore decided to create a CBD shop review site to give you our opinion. These reviews will help you to find the best CBD shops according to criteria such as product variety, quality and price. We also take into account the appearance of the website as it is important to have a pleasant display and navigation. Obviously, we cannot test every product on every site. Some reviews will therefore be based solely on the visual aspect of the shop and its content. The sites we have analysed are from different countries but mainly from France, Spain or Italy. We hope to provide an honest and useful review for consumers looking for the best CBD shops. If you are not very fluent in English and want to consult this data in another language, you can visit Negozi-cbd. There is the same information but it is much more practical if you live in Italy. The site is updated in the same way and as regularly as this one. It would be a shame not to take advantage of this opportunity if you are Italian.


This is certainly our favourite of all the online shops we have visited. First of all, the look of the site is one of the most attractive. It is both sober and rich in content. We liked the large images that allow us to appreciate the products perfectly. When you look at a product, especially a flower or a hash, you really get a good idea of what it looks like. But is not only about good visuals. The product descriptions are particularly well detailed. You always get the exact CBD content, the flavour/aroma, the colour and even the constitution. We have tasted several of their products and the quality is spot on. There is another important point to note about this online shop. It is the price of the products. This site offers cheap CBD as its name suggests. The prices are indeed quite low on some items but you can find even cheaper in other shops. But the value for money is very good. Even if offers a wide variety of products on flowers and hash, the range of products concerning oils and capsules is more restricted. The only drawback we found with this shop is the delivery time which can reach 4 or 5 days. Indeed, even if this site is French, it is based in Spain and transport logically takes a little longer. Despite this, is certainly the best CBD online shop we have found on the Internet.


This is an online shop on which we have mixed feelings. There are some very good points and others that are much less so. We will start with the weak points of this online shop. There are categories with few products, such as hashes. Justbob has made an effort recently to add a few products to its range, which used to be limited to 2 or 3 hashes. Such a shop, which is among the best referenced on the Internet, cannot be satisfied with such a limited variety of products. As for the appearance of certain products, it does not make you want to consume them. Today, CBD producers are able to make products that are very similar to the original THC in appearance. Justbob is the one we like least in this respect. We have tested some of these products and the quality is not good. We even threw them away because we preferred to consume those from competing shops. Our first part of the analysis was very severe towards Justbob, but rest assured, there are also positive points. We will start with the prices which are very reasonable. They are in the low middle range compared to the competitors. The other strong point is the delivery time. We believe that Justbob has branches in several countries which allows them to ship faster depending on the country of purchase. It is also one of the few sites to be in several languages. It is certainly a big company with its advantages and disadvantages. The bottom line is that we will not be buying from this site again because the quality has disappointed us.


We really liked this CBD online shop. It was even our favourite until October / November 2021. The great thing about this shop is the variety of products especially in the hash area. They really look and feel like the original THC. You can see that they are quality products even if they sometimes lack a bit of aroma. The strong point of 420greenroad is that they regularly add new products. And they don’t lack imagination to embellish their catalogue of products with appetizing textures and colours. On the other hand, the prices are much less affordable than in the competing shops mentioned above. The delivery time is also a bit longer. This is probably because their company was previously based in Italy. We also had some problems getting the carrier tracking code for products ordered from this shop. Finally, there was a big black mark against this company that was appreciated by the customers. In October/November 2021, 420greenroad suddenly stopped honouring orders, angering customers who had paid for products they never received. Despite promises of refunds, customers went months without receiving their payments. We don’t know what the outcome of the customers’ complaints were, but it was at this point that we stopped buying our CBD products from 420greenroad. However, at the moment everything seems to be back to normal and this shop seems to be working properly again.


You won’t be surprised if we tell you that this online shop is Spanish. And you’re probably aware of the Spaniards’ reputation as connoisseurs of flowers and hash. This in-depth knowledge has been transferred from THC to CBD. This is why you can find high quality online shops like The appearance of the website is very attractive and immediately makes customers want to browse and buy the products. These large images representing each product is always a strong point in the sales field. The customer can see the characteristics of the products both in the images and in the descriptions, which are not lacking in detail. This is very important in distance selling so that we do not end up with a product that does not meet our expectations. Secondly, offers a price range that allows the customer to buy CBD at a moderate rate. This is a fairly new concept that is also gaining ground in Spain, offering cheap CBD in its catalogue. The customer can then afford to try more products. When we contacted the customer service of to ask some questions, we found someone very nice who spoke both Spanish and French. The quality of the customer service of a CBD online shop is also a very important element. Despite all the information on the website, we like to have additional information. It also gives confidence in case there is a problem with the order. This is the best customer service we have had so far.